Das (re)Boot

When I started this blog three years ago, I had grand visions of reviving long-form content around ecommerce, branding, and the spaces in between (you know: kerning, get it?)

After a few posts it was clear that it was more a labor of love than providing clear value to anyone. So I drifted away and focused on other things that added value.

A lot has changed since then. I’ve gone back to school and graduated with an MBA. Ecommerce has become omnicommerce. I’ve come to terms with how content is consumed and thus how it should be created (Bullets, people, bullets). (The soft kind. Not the killing kind.)  (You know what I mean)…

So this will revert to more of a tossed salad: shorter format, crossed topics from IT issues, business strategy, branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, music, soccer, food, drink, living in DC, and of course, ecommerce and digital strategy for the retail world. Oh, with a continued focus on the spaces between—the ones that provide the context, legibility, connections and beauty in everything we do.

Too much? Probably. But if I’m lucky, someone else out there will find the same joy I find in these things.

Or not.

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