Kerning Pairs is a typographic term that refers to a two letter combination that requires special kerning (space between them) to look right.

Need an example?  Think about the letters Y and o.  If you look at them as they’d be spaced using the default spacing of the final font, the o would align with the second ascender of the Y.  Kind of like Y o.  But since most fonts for most typfaces have a kerning pair rule in effect for Y followed by o, what you see is Yo.

So, why is this blog called kerningPairs? It’s a reference to the level of esoteric detail we all take for granted every day that designers, programmers, photographers, brand managers, retailers, and copywriters all have to consider if their work rises to the level of exceptional.

It’s also a reference to the frequently overlooked space between things—the space that defines the context, the connection, the legibility, and the beauty of the whole.

About Rob

Rob Fredley

KerningPairs is a personal place for me to share thoughts on a variety of topics from digital transformation and business strategy to user experience design and modern marketing tactics.

You might see me as an MBA geek, a music nerd, a design freak, a marketing leader, or your favorite consultant. I thrive at the intersection of business, creativity, and technology—where innovation occurs.

I’m currently plying my trade at the American Psychological Association—my first stint in the glamorous world of non-profit management. After spending nearly a decade working almost exclusively in the retail transformation space, I took advantage of an amazing opportunity to do good while doing well and help APA find a path to much greater success.

In case the above hasn’t made it completely clear, the words, thoughts, and opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own and in no way reflect the positions or interests of my current employer or professional associates.